Improving business performance through information

Developed in partnership for over a decade, LG Inform Plus is your essential subscription service for shaping, running and improving your business.

LG Inform Plus gives you access to more than 1.2 billion data values

13,500+ regularly updated data items from 46 different data sources covering 240 different collections

Sources include Census, Office of National Statistics (ONS), Public Health England, government departments. Topics include public services, health, ethnicity, finance, crime and much more, regularly refreshed by our data team.

Population data by area, plus Parliamentary constituencies, commissioning groups, enterprise partnerships and more. Create tailored maps to show data in meaningful ways.

Save money by understanding how long records should be kept. Highlight records where personal and special data is kept in-line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Publish data more consistently and see how well your organisation makes use of data in key decision making. Take a 360-degree view of local government services, functions and citizen needs.

LG Inform Plus helps you

Know your own patch

Get a better understanding of your area

Access hard facts and learn the key issues on your doorstep such as - health, housing, social care, crime, and many more.

View and share reports from professionally designed templates that draw from over one billion data values covering all English areas and geographies - local authority, wards, Parliamentary constituencies, commissioning groups, enterprise partnerships and many more.

Make better strategic decisions

Build your business case for change.

Use our 9,000+ data items to re-design your services. Or add in local data to supplement our national information sets.

Create local reports containing quality infographics to meet your local needs and priorities.

Streamline resources and improve governance

Use our records retention schedules to rationalise the storage and save money through timely and correct record storage.

Keep up to date with changing legislation and know what services you must deliver and what is discretional.

Become more compliant with new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Legislation through understanding where 'personal' and 'special' customer information is held in your organisation and build the mandated Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) quickly.

Make good use of open data and publish your own

Use data from 46 public sources in one consistent format via a simple feed.

Define and publish your own data and geographies to supplement official national sources.

Publish your own information to Standards used by other councils so you can readily compare and combine data.

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Coventry City Council
Harrogate Borough Council
Buckinghamshire CC
Kent County Council
Versus Arthritis
Devon County Council
Reigate and Banstead
West Sussex County Council
Buckinghamshire FRS
Hartlepool Borough Council
Fylde Borough Council
West Lindsey District Council
Surrey Heath Borough Council