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LG Inform Plus is a suite of tools and services to help you deliver better services to your customers by understanding them and their needs.

LG Inform Plus is used by

Business users

Learn about any chosen area, the people in it and the issues they face to provide them with better products and services.


Use powerful reporting tools to create and run reports and analyse complex data in an easy to use system. With the data being maintained centrally, we make your job easier.


Streamline your resources through discovering new ways to save money. Promote your organisation's compliance with key legislation.

Open data enthusiast

Access our open data resources and keep up to date with issues affecting the open data community, such as transparency and data maturity.

LG Inform Plus suite

Data Search and Report

Quickly search and view over 9,000+ up to date metrics and view your own local data in our template reports. Modify reports to suit one of our hundreds of available geography types, e.g. Ward, CCG, LEP and many more.

Use our full-feature report writer, including enhanced infographics and dynamic text, to make data-rich report writing easy: giving you a quick way to present, share or embed key information.

Have direct access to the data and sources, reducing the cost and burden of maintaining data locally.

Download prebuilt reports for individual metrics across many areas. Access subject specific reports on current issues written by the Local Government Association (LGA).

Search the database quickly to give you instant access to the latest data and reports on any of the 2,000+ lower level geography data items.

Build content rich reports including maps, charts, tables and dynamic text that update as you modify key parameters.

Embed your reports on websites or intranets, making new content readily available to colleagues and residents.

Data Search and Report

My Local Metrics

Add your own local data to the LG Inform database alongside the 13,500+ data items already available, whether for private use internally or to share with others.

Configure your local data for the area and time period you need: e.g. local authority area or ward; annual or monthly statistics.

Your data is held in a secure environment and, depending on the geography chosen, can be shared with users of LG Inform, LG Inform Plus or via the API (direct data feed).

All new data can be accessed via the LG Inform and LG Inform Plus' application standard functions, making data sharing and reporting easier and more timely.

My Local Metrics

Powers and Duties

Our 6,000 regularly updated links to current legislation will help guide your authority when making key strategic decisions about which services to provide.

We identify which services are mandatory and which are discretionary.

Developed in partnership with Kent CC, our Powers and Duties database covers all the relevant legislation underpinning local authority direct service provision.

Understanding the legal duties authorities are required to perform is key and may even improve service delivery.

Powers and Duties

Open Data

Access our suite of open data resources to make best use of latest developments to promote transparency, openness and data sharing.

Use our Data Maturity Model to rate your organisation's data management skills

Our Local Government Standards, developed by the sector, underpin service delivery and allow councils to take a 360-degree view of local government.

Categories include an A to Z of all local services, functional areas of responsibility in local government, the interactions that residents and businesses might make, life events and the channels of communication that each service uses and others

Our resources help you identify open data published by UK local authorities to encourage standardisation of local open data.

The Data Maturity Model is designed to help you make an honest assessment of how advanced your organisation is at dealing with data. You can compare your assessment with others from your own organisation, and from around the country.

Open Data


A new way to view data and create reports for the areas you are interested in.

Any imaginable type of area can be mapped and explored using official data, which is aggregated and recalculated automatically by the system.

In addition to using the standard maps available, you can create your own 'custom' maps and let us populate it with the latest data tailored to your needs.

Use the customised data to support your strategic plans and business case or obtain more meaningful reporting and greater insight.


Records Retention

Use LG Inform Plus's 1,700 regularly updated retention schedules records, to save money on your council or fire and rescue service's records retention bill.

View which schedules contain personal and special data and create your own custom Record of Processing Activity (RoPA) to promote compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Developed with Kent CC legal team, our comprehensive records database covers all the required schedules for every service in the Local Government Service List and enables you to maintain your records in line with agreed standards. Thus reducing storage costs.

Each record details where 'personal' or 'special' information is held.

Comply with the new data protection legislation by easily downloading your Record of Processing Activity (RoPA) and detail how and why you process customer data for each service you provide.

Records Retention


LG Inform Plus' Application Programming Interface (API) direct data feed provides easy access to over 1.2 billion data values to supplement your performance reporting arrangements.

Alternatively, use it to drive and enrich your own Apps through access to our regularly updated information source.

The API allows subscribers to view and download the local open data stored in its database.

Over 13,500 regularly updated metrics from 46 different national sources are available. All in one accessible place. data

The data feed has been built for use by both technical and non-technical users, to deliver data that matters quickly and easily to your pc or App.


Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Coventry City Council
Harrogate Borough Council
Buckinghamshire CC
Kent County Council
Versus Arthritis
Devon County Council
Reigate and Banstead
West Sussex County Council
Buckinghamshire FRS
Hartlepool Borough Council
Fylde Borough Council
West Lindsey District Council
Surrey Heath Borough Council